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Nothing preserves a more striking or pertinent record of an era than press photography. For the first time in French-speaking Switzerland, the Swiss National Museum is offering an insight into the archives of the two main photographic agencies in the region – “Presse Diffusion Lausanne” (PDL, 1940-1973) and “Actualités Suisse Lausanne” (ASL, 1954–2000) – which have recently joined the Museum’s collection.

Through a series of carefully composed images, the exhibition “C’est la vie” presents a varied and comprehensive overview of 60 years of Swiss history and press photography. The topics covered range from the exceptional – festivals, disasters, enduring stars and ephemeral celebrities – to the everyday, each documented in reportages from the golden age of the weekly illustrated magazine or captured in instantaneous snapshots for the short lifespan of the daily press.

The exhibition also features the equipment used at ASL as well as unpublished interviews that, in their own way, pay homage to the work of the agency’s photographers, the majority of them anonymous.

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